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General Questions

Q. So, what happens at a standard 90-minute Kreative Kidz Party?

A. The first 15 minutes of every 90-minute party is spent in our bounce house room! Kids will bounce in our indoor, commercial-grade bounce house while the adults mingle and any latecomers arrive. After that, we’ll move into our theme room, where your party hosts will help the kids get dressed in our theme costumes and then lead 50-55 minutes of interactive, age-appropriate games. The kids will be entertained the entire time, while the parents cheer them on through the games and take pictures. For the final 20-25 minutes, we’ll head into our cake room, where all our food service will take place. Your hosts will light the candles on the cake, sing “Happy Birthday”, and we’ll cut it up to serve. If you’re serving pizza, we’ll serve that first, then cake. At the end of the party, your hosts and birthday child will make a cute announcement thanking guests and letting them know the party is ending. At this time, guests will receive their party favors. When your guests have left, the hosts will load leftovers and gifts into your car and you can settle up your final bill.

Q. I don’t see the theme I want on your website. Do you have it?

A. At this time, the only themes we offer at our venue are listed on our website. As new themes become available, we’ll add them to that list!

Q. I want a face painter/pony/candy buffet/balloon arch/video game truck/etc. Can you accommodate that?

A. If you can dream it, we can do it! Let us know what you’d like at your Selection Appointment and we’d be happy to make it happen.

Q. Can the party guests keep the decorations/costumes/accessories/balloons?

A. Our decorations, costumes, accessories, and balloons are part of our venue and do not go home with guests. We can provide balloons for the children to take home for an additional cost.

Q. Do you have multiple locations?

A. No. Our only location is located in West Plano, near Willow Bend Mall. We have a beautiful, indoor, private venue that we decorate for the theme you choose.

Q. Do you have more than one party going on at a time?

A. No. We are a private venue so when you book your date and time, our venue and staff are dedicated solely to your party.

Q. Can you do a party with just one princess/superhero as the theme?

A. We can certainly do our best to make the birthday child’s favorite character prominent at the party, but all of our parties are a mixture of different characters within the theme you select.

Q. Will the kids of the opposite gender have fun at my child’s party?

A. Absolutely! We try to offer combination themes (Pirate/Mermaid, Princess/Knight, etc.) to accommodate all genders. Even for more girl- or boy-oriented themes, the games are gender neutral and there are costumes for both genders to wear.

Q. How do I make my Kreative Kidz Party personalized more specifically for my child?

A. Each standard party makes sure the birthday child takes the first turn in all activities and is the star of the party. The basic party package also includes a personalized birthday poster and “Thank You” tags on each favor. If you’d like, we offer other ways to further personalize the party through custom water bottle labels, custom invitations, a custom candy bar (and/or custom chocolate bar labels), and much more. You are also welcome to bring pictures to place on some of our tables (we do not allow hanging on our walls), a guest book for your guests, etc.

Q. Can I have a specific character at my child’s party?

A. Yes, for an additional charge.

Guest List Questions

Q. Do siblings/infants/adults count as part of my 12 guests?

A. Siblings and infants count as guests if they are participating in the games, dressing up in costume, and/or bouncing in the bounce house. Adults do not count as part of your 12 guests, only participating children.

Q. Does the package price go down if I have less than 13 kids?

A. The price of the party only goes up if you have more kids. It does not go down if you have less than 13 kids in attendance.

Q. How are additional kids calculated?

A. We calculate additional child guests on the day of the party, based on who shows up. Children over your 13 guests will be $20 each plus tax, which covers expenses like their party favors, cake plates, etc.

Booking and Selection

Q. How do I know if my date is available?

A. Call or email our office and speak to our event coordinators! They would be happy to check availability for you.

Q. How far in advance should I book my party?

A. As soon as you know you’d like to have a party with us, we recommend booking your party. Our dates and times can fill up months in advance when we’re busy, and since we’re a private venue, dates and time slots are first come, first served.

Q. How do I book a party?

A. To hold the date and time you want, we require a non-refundable deposit. This deposit depends on which theme/age package you’ve selected. You can place your deposit via phone or in person with one of our event coordinators! Once you place your deposit, we’ll schedule your Selection Appointment, where you’ll meet with an event coordinator to plan every detail of your party!

Q. How are selection appointments done?

A. Appointments are done by email and, if needed, by phone. We do not take appointments on weekends because there are parties going on, and we want to give each client 100% of our attention to their needs.

Q. Do you offer home/off-site parties?

A. At this time, we are not offering off-site parties, but we do offer offsite decorations.

Q. Can I tour your venue? Do I need an appointment?

A. Absolutely! Venue tours are by appointment only.

Food and Beverage

Q. Can I bring in my own food and drinks? What about alcoholic beverages?

A. You’re welcome to provide your own pizza, cake, and individually packaged drinks in a cooler (water bottles, juice boxes, soda cans, etc. – no 2 liter bottles/cups or glass) at no service charge to you. We are also happy to provide pizza, cake, drinks, and other food options for you! If you’d like to bring in food items other than those mentioned above, we have several food packages available to you. You are allowed to bring in alcohol for a fee, but our staff cannot and will not handle/serve the beverages. For more information about service fees to bring outside food or alcohol in, please contact our office.

Q. The birthday girl/boy has a food allergy/intolerance/preference. Can you accommodate that?

A. While we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment, you’re welcome to bring a special meal for the birthday child at no charge. If one of your guests has an allergy or intolerance, we advise parents to bring a substitute snack/meal/dessert for them to enjoy as we do not have dietary-specific options available on-site.

Q. My cake and drinks need to be refrigerated. Do you have space to store them?

A. Our limited fridge space is taken up with the food and beverage options we provide, so we recommend bringing a cooler for your items that need refrigeration.

Don’t see your question answered here? Please contact us and we’d be happy to help.