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Food and Beverage

Q. Can I bring in my own food and drinks? What about alcoholic beverages?

A. You’re welcome to provide your own pizza, cake, and individually packaged drinks in a cooler (water bottles, juice boxes, soda cans, etc. – no 2 liter bottles/cups or glass) at no service charge to you. We are also happy to provide pizza, cake, drinks, and other food options for you! If you’d like to bring in food items other than those mentioned above, we have several food packages available to you. You are allowed to bring in alcohol for a fee, but our staff cannot and will not handle/serve the beverages. For more information about service fees to bring outside food or alcohol in, please contact our office.

Q. The birthday girl/boy has a food allergy/intolerance/preference. Can you accommodate that?

A. While we cannot guarantee an allergen-free environment, you’re welcome to bring a special meal for the birthday child at no charge. If one of your guests has an allergy or intolerance, we advise parents to bring a substitute snack/meal/dessert for them to enjoy as we do not have dietary-specific options available on-site.

Q. My cake and drinks need to be refrigerated. Do you have space to store them?

A. Our limited fridge space is taken up with the food and beverage options we provide, so we recommend bringing a cooler for your items that need refrigeration.

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