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Premium Birthday Party Themes

*** Costs are additional to the Basic Package Price of $375/$450 ***

Circus - $250.00

Come one, come all, to the greatest birthday on Earth! Nothing is more festive than your very own birthday carnival, complete with carnival games and even a clown! When you’ve played all the games under the Big Top, head over to the concessions room for some cake!

Tea Party - $45.00

Pinkies up – it’s time for tea! Learn proper tea party manners and etiquette and let your hosts serve you delicious tea that tastes just like apple juice! This theme can be added to any of our other themes.

Dinosaur - $150.00

Are you ready for a ROARing good time? Take a trip back to the age of the dinosaurs as an archaeologist, romping and stomping through dino-riffic games and activities! Carnivore or herbivore, you’ll love heading into our prehistoric cake room to chomp and chow down on some birthday cake!

Alice in Wonderland - $150.00

Fall down the rabbit hole into your own birthday Wonderland! Meet Alice and the Mad Hatter and play whimsical games so fun that even the Queen of Hearts will want to play! Afterward, take your seat and enjoy cake so good, you’ll know why it was labeled “Eat Me”! A popular addition to this theme is a tea party.

Frozen - $150.00

For the first time in forever you can have your next birthday in Arendelle! Dress up like Elsa, Anna, Olaf, or a knight and go on fun-filled frosty adventures! Two Disney princesses (or maybe even Olaf or a knight) will teach you their favorite games like freeze dance, and Anna and Elsa will also attend the party for pictures and a sing-a-long! When you’re hungry, sled over to the cake room for some royal birthday cake that’s so good, it’ll melt a frozen heart!

Star Wars - $75.00

The Force will be with you at your out-of-this-world birthday party! Choose to be a Jedi, a Storm Trooper, an X-Wing Fighter, Princess Leia, or even Darth Vader as you speed around on the Millennium Falcon, have a light saber duel, and go on intergalactic adventures! When the Galactic Empire is safe, we’ll jet over to a galaxy far, far away to enjoy your birthday cake!

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